thanksLIVING collab

November 21, 2018

last year we made a huge vegan thanksgiving dinner and never caught photos of it. this year we decided to switch up some recipes, style it, and document the whole dang thing so we could share our version of thanksgiving with you guys. this one was even more special than last because we were able to bring the vision to life in brittney’s backyard garden and use some of her freshly harvested produce to complete the spread. it’s no secret that this gal’s got some serious styling skills (check out this blog post we did about the last event she styled). if you love plants, positivity, and realness- you NEED to follow her on instagram (@yoginibritt). she has been a huge source of inspiration for desert iris and we are #gratefulAF for the badass shoots we’ve been able to co-create with her.

all the food is 100% vegan. you do not have to eat turkey for the sake of tradition, my friends. one of the best parts is that this meal does not come with post-meal fatigue or bloat! a meal that actually makes you feel good. we also decided to integrate cannabis into the mix, which is something we have never done while cooking before. we decided to test the waters by adding 40 mg of medicated honey to the pie filling. it was just the right dose to feel eased but not overly medicated. it proved to be the perfect ending to this styled meal.

stuffed squash 
what you’ll need:
1 butternut squash
olive oil
garlic cloves
wild rice
vegetable broth
dried cranberries
rosemary to garnish
we modified it a little by skipping the white rice, thyme, and sage – but follow along with the original recipe here

wild rice + brussel sprouts salad
wild rice
dried cranberries
maple syrup
brussel sprouts
garlic cloves
impromptu recipe from yoginibritt – boil wild rice, add what you feel is right

sauteed veggies
green beans
salt +pepper
olive oil
jane’s krazy mixed up salt – available on amazon for $5 here

medicated vegan pumpkin pie
what you’ll need:
pumpkin puree
brown sugar
maple syrup
coconut milk
pumpkin pie spice
coconut whipped topping
unbaked vegan & GF pie crust
(we got ours from Sprout’s – you can find it here)
medicated THC honey
(optional, we used a 40 mg microdose of Flourish’s Honey In The Dank )
follow original recipe here

spread inspiration,
the desert iris team

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