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August 25, 2019

it’s been too long since we’ve featured an artist spotlight on our page, but you all should know by now that we won’t force out content and always work hard to make it worth the wait. it’s been a long solid year of scouting and connecting with artists to find the right gems we feel align. with that being said, we are totally stoked to introduce to you someone who has been a source of inspiration and creativity for our brand. he is one whose experience, kind heart, and adaptability shine bright through his essence and work.

tell us about your journey
i began my digital journey at an early age where gaming and learning HTML coding were at the peak of my interest. i’d say i was about 12 and became completely fascinated by media. from there i got really into skateboarding brands and skate media. skateboarding has taught me a lot. from branding and media to life and “the streets”, skateboarding and its tight-knit industry really defined who i have become. growing up in the midwest, i had easy access to board sports and continued that passion through snowboarding and skateboarding. i moved to miami, florida after high school at age 19 to pursue skate boarding professionally and to help my skater homies build digital portfolios. i lived there from 2007-2009 before moving back to michigan– then to park city, utah to chase snowboarding for a bit.

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i worked and lived there for 7 years as an operator at the terrain park. i also did social media, stop motion graphics, and photography for @irideparkcity. i moved to park city after experiencing deep loss, so this was an important step for me. during my time there, i severely injured my back and had to get spine surgery about 11 months ago. which as you can imagine, put my entire life on hold. i moved back to michigan for surgery and then moved out to arizona about 3 months ago to heal and find my flow again. it is time for me to reconnect with my body, muscle memory, and remember how to move organically. i am here in arizona to meet like-minded individuals who can help push the boundaries with fresh, new ideas. it is hard to find people who “get it”, but i feel like now that i am in arizonai am starting to find those people.

who are you?
i am @soundslikesprout, i also have another alias, @sh1elds. i am a multi-faceted digital artist, designer, musician, and creator. i don’t know if i’ll ever be able to define my life, but i definitely know where i’m heading. i want to tap into emotions through the digital experiences i create with 3D modeling, sound design, and music writing. i would like to eventually go to school at SCAD in burbank, california for architecture – but for now i am chasing these passions and trusting where they lead me.

where are you from?
grew up in michigan. moved around the state a lot during high school, but spent time living in cities: ann harbor, dundee, traverse city, and a few others.

what’s your passion?
while i have many passions and am continuously figuring myself out (aren’t we all haha) i know sound, media, skateboarding, snowboarding, designing, and creating are all parts of that puzzle. i have been a DJ for 13 years and am ready to start focusing my energy on expanding that avenue of my life.

what inspires you?
i am inspired by organic, plant-like hackery that reminds you of Microsoft in the 90’s. i am also deeply inspired by fresh water, greenery, the woods, and anything that embodies growing.

what are you most excited for?
i’m most excited for the human condition. for people opening their minds on different aspects of life, being fragile and knowing it’s okay to have feelings. i think that has been my biggest thing with art. it’s such a release, it’s become a part of me and i will do it to the last of my days. excited to meet new interesting souls that have sparks of passion and life fueling them. creating but most importantly teaching others along the way.

what legacy do you want to leave?
a legacy of love and passion in the world, i think a lot of people in this day and age follow this rule book of whats cool or what’s not, you have social media and TV brain washing you. i really want people to believe in themselves more and the art they create, i spent so many years hiding away not fully believing in myself which i feel like is an art form in itself. i think it’s so important as an artist or a human to really tap into that realm and dig for what fuels YOU as a human and to re-flip and express – that is so important. i want to teach technology and little things i’ve figured out over the years to hopefully break down for the next generations.

what is most important to you?
personal growth and health are the most important things to me. getting hurt was such a eye opening experience with just how fragile life really is and i feel so many people take for granted. just doing little things like walking to the store, or carrying groceries. after my back gave out it changed my perspective of the world ten folds. we are all so fragile.

photography: @brookklynphoto
graphic art by: @sh1elds
video edited by: @sh1elds
visuals in video by: @dakgidarchive

for those of you that haven’t heard, desert iris will be helping curate where we will have an interactive art installation and other involvement. tickets are limited, so if you are in arizona and would like to catch sprout’s set with us, buy yours a$ap rocky !

instagram: @soundslikesprout @sh1elds
soundcloud: sprout sounds
youtube: c shields
email: [email protected]

spread inspiration,
the desert iris team

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