december intentions 2017

December 3, 2017

out of sheer inspiration from @leefromamerica on instagram (gotta give that credit where it’s due!), we have been nailing down our intentions at the beginning of each month. this gives us a chance to focus on areas/things/ideas that we feel need more attention. we thought this was a great way to not only keep your inspiration up, but also to be able to look back on your continual progress. making lists is our forte, so we decided to start sharing ours with you. if ya dig it, adopt it. make it your own, put your own spin on it, and watch your progress catapult.

1. take the time to go for walk

2. drink more water


4. take more time for yourself

5. more tea, less coffee

6. write in your journal more

7. keep track of your goals

8. build community

9. s t r e t c h

10. moisturize daily

spread inspiration,
desert iris

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