manifestivities 2017: how to start your year right

January 3, 2017

here we are again; the turning of a new leaf, the start of a new chapter, the
beginning of a new year.

for me, i’ve mindlessly floated through the every single new year. new year’s eve would roll around and i’d tell myself one small thing i thought i needed to change about myself.

that would last about 6 weeks, then it would slip to the back of my brain and not be thought of.

my new year’s eves were more about celebrating making it to another year, rather than actually reflecting on my life and where i was at.

but for some reason this year feels different.

i am taking the time to actually dig deep and think about what I need to do to
improve myself.

not outside, but inside. it’s like it has finally clicked and life is starting to make sense.

and the best part is, i can tell I’m not the only one who feels it. i can tell that
everyone is starting to shift. people are starting to take more risks, do what makes them happy, and make the world better.

it seems as if it is trendy to be “conscious”.

which is exactly what we need right now. we need it to be the next big thing.

so as you are thinking about your new year, imagine all your goals coming true.

picture yourself finally achieving happiness.

create a vision board.

write it down.

hold yourself to it. support others.

imagine your 2017 turning out exactly how you want it to…

[love & light]


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