work with us

desert iris was built on the concept of collectivism, or working together to achieve a common goal. we thrive on collaborating with brands, artists, entrepreneurs, and businesses that are eager to bring an idea into reality.
no matter what your hustle is, we’d love to help you create a strong and meaningful digital presence.

logo concept + creation

discover clarity in your brand with simple, timeless icons that embody you + your business. it’s time to let go of the pressure of rebranding and make a lasting impression on your audience. 

website development

need a website but not sure where to start? using our eye for design + previous professional experiences, let’s build your ideal site. 

brand consulting

uncover the uniqueness of your brand by tapping into the behaviors of your ideal clients with us. let’s establish a brand identity that comes from the heart. 


whether it’s for social media, print, or website content – let us lighten your load by providing copy for your storytelling needs. 

digital + film imagery

specializing in lifestyle, portrait, and product shots we put our creative brains together to deliver images that bring out brand-fluency across all channels. 

let’s collaborate:
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