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a peek inside a medicated mavens private event

May 7, 2018

a few weeks back, we were invited to a private herbal event put on by 2 badass women, sarina gomez & brittney ferris, also known as the medicated mavens. the medicated mavens is a female ran company that is fueled by educating people about natural ways of healing. they fuse yoga, movement, reiki, cannabis, meditation, dance, sound healing, and breath work to bring an incredibly unique full spectrum healing experience.some of their past events include: medicated yoga classes, canna-cabaret dance classes, sunday soul services, meditation events, dope downdog yoga classes, and wellness workshops. it was totally last minute when brittney called to invite us as she had a guest back out the day of- we were in luck! her voice was so excited i barely knew what i agreed to, but couldn’t wait to see their visions come to fruition.we were completely blown away when we entered the complex and tucked into the center courtyard was the full spread- complete with a full platter of healthy munchies, lavender, rose petals, chamomile, cannabis, sage, matches, hemp wick, and tubes of joint rolling materials. one of those things you walk into and think “is this real life?”…it’s crazy the power you feel when you get together with 14 strangers to practice being mindful and aware. with sound bowls singing in the background, we were instructed to focus on an intention. something we felt we wanted more of, something we felt our soul needed, and then breathed our way into narrowing that down to one word. it’s mind-blowing what you can discover about yourself and your needs when you really take the time to analyze, think, and be still. we talked about cannabis and herbs and how they can be incorporated into our own wellness practice. we learned the benefits of smoking lavender, rose petals, and chamomile and how to blend them with cannabis. we also talked about our own wellness journeys, our relationships with cannabis, and different uses for the herbs- like making tea!one thing that really stuck with us from this event was intention. we started with focusing on our own individual intentions which then came full circle when we discussed smoking with intention. with all the quick and easy ways to self medicate these days, it is easy to forget why you are smoking that plant. but by taking the time to sit back and blend your own herbs to then roll your own joint, you are creating a moment to pause. a moment to reflect on your day, a moment to stop and rest, and most importantly – a moment for yourself. the medicated mavens created this moment for us which we plan to incorporate into our everyday lives. the event ended with us lighting our joints together under the full moon and talking more about what this event was all about. this event left us feeling refreshed and completely inspired.coming from minnesota where the stigma around cannabis is ever so strong, this event meant a lot to us. it felt like we were living in the future being able to openly discuss cannabis and its healing benefits. if this is any indication for where our world is headed, you can count us ALL in. big thanks to brittney and sarina of the medicated mavens for curating the most perfect space for learning, healing, laughing, loving, and smoking! 

spread inspiration,
the desert iris team

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