artist spotlight | sabina kennedy of lefthanded MFG

December 8, 2019

we’re really excited to bring you guys another artist spotlight- this time we are featuring a college pal of mine, sabina kennedy. she is an artist, entrepreneur, jeweler, sculptor, and maker located in downtown phoenix. she’s someone i met my sophomore year of college through our good friend, haylee. when i think of us three i remember us bouncing around to frat parties we never really wanted to be at. always just chasing a good time with friends and trying to meet new people.

we were what most of ASU would call a “geed”- slang for G.D.I = god damn independent. (which meant we were some of the few people in our partying circle that weren’t in greek life) looking back on this now is hilarious. and i will gladly be called a god damn independent these days LOL. it’s been so inspiring to watch sabina’s journey unfold over the years. we never got to connect much about our school work, but i was always fascinated by what she did. i feel like she is one of those people that perfectly encapsulates southwest themes in her art while also creating her own style in the process.

who are you and where are you from?
hi, i am sabina kennedy. originally from lynchburg, virginia.
been a desert dweller since 2014.

tell us about your journey
i graduated from arizona state university in 2017 with my BFA in sculpture, from there i went on to work as a florist and then a fabricator before taking the leap to live off my craft. my first job after college was at camelback flower shop and it was there that i truly realized my entrepreneurial spirit.

from there, i took a 3 month temporary position with a fabrication company building an installation for LA comicon. but i wasn’t satisfied working for someone else, i wanted to work for myself. i transitioned out of that position by beginning to sell my work at craft fairs and online. i am grateful to say that i have been working for myself ever since.

what inspires you?
 my cat, cheese, because he reminds me to slow down and rest. i am also deeply inspired by plants, flowers, being outside, and animals always seem to find their way into my work. connecting to my higher, self-clean lines and graphic design are also huge sources of inspiration for me.

what is your passion?
right now it’s jewelry, but it will always be creating

what are you most excited for?
short term, i am most excited for the upcoming events i am vending at. long term, i am excited for the rest of my journey to unfold. 

what is most important to you?
mental health – if that isn’t solid, nothing else will be. it’s important to me to make sure mine is in check. 

want to check out more of sabina’s work and see what’s available for purchase? check out her website here.
interested in catching her set-up in person?
sabina will be posted up at phoenix festival of the arts december 13-15

i was lucky enough to get one of sabina’s fuctional roller-ball necklaces and i am so happy i jumped on the opportunity when she dropped them.
her instagram can be found here for those of you that would like to know when she drops specialty items!

words written by: hannah
photos by: brookklyn photo
aesthetics + illustration: sabina / @lefthandedmfg

spread inspiration,
the desert iris team

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