about us

created in 2015, desert iris began as a way for us to showcase our creative ideas and experiment with branding and website building. being best friends since 5th grade, we always talked about creating something artistic for the world to see but never could have imagined we’d have the tools, resources and experiences to make it happen. we grew up together in a small town in northern minnesota where there isn’t much diversity or artistic activity. we went through high school with a deep yearning for more, but it wasn’t until we both moved away that desert iris came to life. while hannah was in phoenix and brookklyn was in minneapolis they both pursued degrees in their craft. brookklyn for photography and digital imaging and hannah for marketing and media analysis. early in their collegiate journeys, the need for a portfolio became evident. not wanting to stay inside the lines school or work set for us, we decided to create our own outlet free from rules and instruction. over the years, desert iris has evolved into so much more than a portfolio or a way for us to show off our skills. it has grown into a space for us to share stories, connect with ourselves and others, and spread inspiration. as desert iris continues to grow, expand, and take shape we hope it serves as a place for you to do the same.

i am a creative marketer, writer, cannabis advocate and branding nerd. i like to think of myself as the brains behind the art- i am the one who makes sense of our artistic ideas, puts them to paper, and makes them flow. i get excitement not only from explaining the why’s but also determining the strategy behind them too. i like to do things with strategy and i like to do things with intention. even if that means taking time to really slow down and analyze instead of force out content. writing, strategizing, designing, and brand building are a few of my life’s passions. for me, the desert iris brand is a vessel that allows me to bring creative visions to fruition outside of my career and personal life. it allows me to build a brand based on our own values, strategy, tastes, and ideas- which has been super fulfilling for both of us. the written word is my strong suit and my writing craves a strong artistic visual element to go along with it. that’s where brookklyn comes in. her photos and my words come together to paint the picture for our audience and give them another creative element to connect to. my hopes with desert iris is to create a brand that my people can truly resonate with.

stay high,

i am a visual artist and entrepreneur- photography is my craft. i tell all my best stories through the moments i capture on my camera. i dedicate every single day to creating happiness and pursuing my dreams. throughout my life, i have realized that photographs and self-expression are my best forms of communication. i seek thrill and fill my days with what makes me happy – cats, crystals, art, and amazing vegan eats. i also make time for the things that keep me sane and satisfied like: adventuring to new places, capturing moments of time, pushing myself out of my comfort zone and being a part of something. these are all reasons this blog was created in the first place! desert iris is a collective space designed by 2 like-minded females. hannah is the yin to my yang, we balance each other out, and work just like twin flames. together we are desert iris and we are committed to providing  you with the motivation and sparkle that every day needs. our goal is to inspire readers to make their dreams real by fueling what makes them happy and defines their existence. i am a visual artist based out of phoenix, and feeling good is my happiness.

stay creating,