arizona’s first all-vegan grocery store

February 9, 2018

with only 12 all-vegan grocery stores in the country, we feel very blessed to welcome veggie rebellion to our neck of the woods. it’s even more ironic that the owners are fellow minnesotans too! veggie rebellion can be found in the heart of glendale, arizona and only features products that are 100% free of animal derived ingredients and never tested on animals.

not only that, but they say their vegan meats and cheeses are those you could only dream of. being partners with minneapolis based meat-free butchers (the herbivore’s butcher), you surely won’t be disappointed by their deceiving animal product free meats and cheeses.

vegans all over the valley are ecstatic to have a place to grocery shop where they won’t have to scour product labels. we were lucky enough to make it to their grand opening to check it out and will definitely be revisiting again.

pro-tip: if you live in the valley and decide to check it out- don’t forget your reusable bags and containers. veggie rebellion does not use plastic bags at checkout nor at their bulk section.

stay creating,
brookklyn & hannah


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