balancing yourself out

January 3, 2017



[some days i am strong, then some days i break.

i am relearning how i want to live my life.]

i had a really tough night a couple weeks ago.

i cried in bed for nearly 2 hours.

but you know what?

instead of laying in bed crying all night, i did something about it.

this is a huge step for me. it would’ve been so easy just to lay there, sulk in my sadness, and waste the whole night.

but i didn’t.

i got up.

went for a bike ride.

cleaned my room.

burned a candle.

turned on the tunes.

& got my mind right.

this is how it should be.

we need to learn how to balance ourselves out. it is okay to feel deep sadness.

hell, it’s even okay to lay in bed and cry your eyes out.

but always, always, always make sure you come strutting out of those flames.

learn ways to conquer the negativity, things that work for you.

discover ways to reconnect with yourself and what you want.

learn how to balance yourself out- like the moon balances the tides.

ride that wave

& always know how to come barreling through that tidal.

[love & light]


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