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September 19, 2017


if you know alexis, you know that her pregnancy has catapulted her into a new phase of self discovery, self-love, and expression. it’s not hard to tell that her new life path has set her on the right foot and helped her truly blossom- (i mean look at these photos?!!).



aside from her becoming a brand new momma bear, she has dedicated herself to some serious lifestyle changes throughout the process. she never thought that at 19 years old she would become a mother, but that doesn’t stop her determination to be the best version of herself. it’s been so awe-inspiring to watch a bold young woman take on this role with such grace and intention.



not only is she facing the young mother stigma but she also eats a completely plant based diet and has started to dabble into yoga too! she says her pregnancy has triggered a deep desire to make a difference in this world and being vegan fulfills that.



while she encourages all new momma bears out there to eat plant-based, she emphasizes that all pregnant women should speak with their doctor/midwife about their dietary needs. “my midwife, zada, has been there to answer my endless questions and has given me all of the advice i need to prepare for a natural childbirth. she’s my angel.” being knowledgable about what your body needs is crucial to living a happy life.



“as my journey of veganism only continues to make me the healthiest i’ve ever been, i want to shed light on the not-so-fun parts also. there are days that seem like i have hit a wall. there are days that knock me on my butt and make me question if i’m truly living to my full potential. there ARE days where i want to give up and just call it quits- it’s inevitable, the bad days, but always doing my 100% best to stay positive is key. in order to grow, you must sit down with yourself and ask what’s really worth your stress and your bad days- because when it comes down to it, i don’t think anything really is. life is unpredictable, but riding the waves makes for a more beautiful, positive journey.”



over everything, alexis’ main piece of advice that she wants to offer to women is “listen to your body. when you need to rest, rest. when you feel hungry, eat. when you feel overwhelmed, treat yourself with a bath and rejuvenate. but most importantly, love yourself endlessly.”



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