help me keep the art of film photography alive

November 16, 2016

[being a commercial photographer, my DSLR is definitely important to me. however, last year i chose to buy myself a film camera with the purpose of learning more about the where photography came from. i purchased a 1940’s 35mm minolta film camera. i bought it from goodwill, it was only $20 so it wasn’t like i was breaking the bank with this purchase. when i bought it, they couldn’t even tell me if it worked. but i took a chance on it anyway.]



[after purchasing, i brought it to west photo, my favorite camera shop in minneapolis. i chatted with a guy there, he knew a lot about these cameras. he told me all i needed was a new battery for it and i would be on my way to shooting some film! i wanted to shoot film because i felt in order to call myself a professional, i needed to know where the start of cameras began. i wanted to fully educate myself on every aspect of photography, and i knew nothing about film.]


[little did i know, film was going to teach me more than just some history. when i got my first reel of film developed, i was definitely shocked that it turned out because who knows the last time this camera was used. when i got those prints in my hand, i instantly got a smile on my face to be holding these tangible prints for the first time.]


[here is what i love about film: i love that it forces you to really learn how to use a camera and be a photographer – since you can’t playback you really need to know how to create exposure correctly. i love the waiting game to get the film back. i love getting the film back and holding the tangible items in my hand. i love that every print is an original. i love that when you get that film back you see something you took months ago that you forgot about and you are brought back to those times instantly. there are so many cool things about film photography.]


[i think every photographer should challenge themselves and buy or rent a film camera for their next project. it can teach you a lot and definitely help you to respect the art of photography, help you to understand why prints are important, and educate you about where photography came from. i have film prints in frames all around my apartment and they make me smile every time i look at them.]

[i may just be a photography geek, i’m not sure. all i know is that shooting film made me a more well-rounded photographer and it may do the same to you.]

stay creating,

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