citrus festival 2018 review

February 19, 2018

as many of you may have seen on our instagram and facebook, last weekend we got the chance to cover a local event dedicated to CITRUS! i don’t know about you, but i love all things citrus- not just for eating and drinking, but for cleaning too. (limonene, a compound found in many citrus fruits, is one of the most powerful natural cleaning elements out there. put those orange peels to use!)

going to the citrus festival in downtown phoenix made for one of the best laid back saturday activities. we were able to check out some incredibly passionate vendors all while listening to local musicians play their tunes. the weather was perfect- sunny with a slight breeze. we truly couldn’t have asked for a better way to spend our saturday after noon.

one of the highlights of this day was laying in the sun watching all the attendees interact in such a light and positive way. the citrus fest was definitely one of those places where everyone seemed to have a smile on their face and a dance in their step. it’s only fitting that we left here feeling mentally refreshed.

although it was not as citrus focused as we expected, there were a few vendors that brought out the citrus theme in their work. there was home brewed citrus kombucha for sale by komucha brewers club, citrus body butters by shamama medicine, and even some herbal lemonade. there were also many amazing jewelry makers, sound healers, painters, and farmers there to educate about their practices.

vendors: greenside botanicals, walk in wellness, kaufman kreations, the mending muse, savvy surrealeclectic awakening, origami owl, kimberly kingsley (author of modern hippie), and alchemy in a jar by brittny love.
musicians:  happy joy harmony, majestic dubs, e alo, of the earthmanifest sound, eons, i am hologram, templeture, jx christo, daniel hirtz drum circle, and celia ferran.

one of my favorite parts about going to events like this is watching people express their passions. it’s one of the most inspiring things- to witness people bec what makes someones heart tick. special thanks to all event coordinators, attendees, vendors, musicians, and artists alike. thank you for giving our community a setting to share their talents, gifts, and work.


stay creating,

hannah & brookklyn



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