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May 19, 2017

kylie hommerding is a graphic designer, artist, and one of the dopest sporty chicks i’ve gotten the chance to watch grow. going to high school and middle school together, i’ve always felt drawn to her art. she was one of us who spent nearly our whole school day creating projects in ms. steen’s art room. since then, i have gotten the chance to watch her grow, improve, and truly find her voice through her art. she fuses two very different passions of hers (hockey and art) to create pieces that mean something to her. being from minnesota, her art speaks to me because hockey is such a big part of the minnesotan culture. her abilities to take something like hockey and turn it into an artistic voice, is what i find truly inspiring about her. she is both an artist and an athlete who has found her passions and used them to speak her purpose through creating.

who are you?
“I’ve thought a lot about this question while in high school and college. These past three years I’ve tried to find my voice and discover who I was. Not only as a person, but as an artist. Slowly but surely I have gained confidence in who I am and who I want to be. In one of my classes we were asked to keep a journal and answer this question. Although, I’m still growing and changing I am proud to say that I am a graphic designer, artist, outdoors loving, sports follower, coffee addict, family oriented, and a goal setting woman! I’ve always loved learning new things and will continue to find new ways to create.”kyliehommerding,graphicdesigner,artist,hockey,passion,blog,desertiris,culture,inspiration,collectivism,collab,art,kylie,proctor,smalltown,vibes,love,peace,light,creativity
where are you from?
“Originally I was born in Bemidji, Minnesota and lived there for a couple years we picked up our things and headed to Proctor, Minnesota. After another few years (around Kindergarten) we moved again, but this time to Marshall, Michigan. That was a huge move for us being all of our family is from Minnesota. I learned to not get attached to one place, and it worked because I loved change. In fourth grade I found out we were moving back to Proctor and that is where we found our forever home. The great 218 will always hold a special place in my heart.”
kyliehommerding,graphicdesigner,artist,hockey,passion,blog,desertiris,culture,inspiration,collectivism,collab,art,kylie,proctor,smalltown,vibes,love,peace,light,creativitytell us about your journey.
“Oh my gosh, where do I start! I think my journey as an artist started in high school. Although, I was always interested in art as a child. My art teacher in high school (Mrs. Steen) was one of favorite people. So passionate, kind, caring, and talented. With her as my teacher, she inspired me to become an art education major (which was short lived because I changed my major two weeks into school to a BFA in graphic design with a secondary emphasis in drawing). Although I changed my major I knew I still wanted to do something with my art. I have also dealt with many struggles throughout my journey. I was a three sport athlete in high school and made it my goal to play college hockey. After touring and talking to coaches it seemed like the right choice to go to the University of River Falls Wisconsin. After an injury during the end of the season freshman year I pushed past the pain and continued practicing and lifting with the team. Which was a bad decision on my part. I went into early retirement after my sophomore season. An MRI showed that my back was not fully healed and if the pain continued I would need surgery. It was devastating to say the least. Although something that seemed so life altering at the time it was probably one of the greatest things that’s happened to me. I was offered a position to be the goalie coach for the Varsity/JV River Falls girls high school hockey team. A job that I loved and will be back for the next season! Being able to pass on my knowledge from high school and college is very rewarding.”kyliehommerding,graphicdesigner,artist,hockey,passion,blog,desertiris,culture,inspiration,collectivism,collab,art,kylie,proctor,smalltown,vibes,love,peace,light,creativity

what’s your passion?
“I have a passion for many things in my life, but I think the two biggest ones have been hockey and art. Recently I’ve been exploring these two ideas through my art. Being both an artist and an athlete seemed “odd” to people. It made it seem like I did not fit in with the artist crowd because I was an athlete. I have been on both ends and experienced my fair share of criticism but I feel there is a strong disconnect. With one of my projects “Hart” I made it my goal to bridge the gap between athletes and artists. Coming together to form a bond over great designs and high quality apparel. Mixing in aspects of hockey through an artists’ perspective it has sparked interest in many of my peers. My company Hart is something I would like to pursue in the future.”

what is your purpose?
“I believe my purpose has always been to create. My mind and sketchbook are very scatterbrained. I’m always having ideas and plans which build off of each other in some way. My goal is to reach to many different audiences whether it’s with my graphic design, drawings, installations, or paintings.”

how did you discover your purpose?
“I think I discovered my purpose from one of my drawing projects. I created an interactive piece were I made abstract illustrations of different feelings, emotions, and actions I have experienced while playing hockey and put them on repurposed hockey pucks. I made this interactive piece like a guessing game where I had the forty examples on a sheet of paper and the viewer would pick one and guess what feeling it was. That is where I started to really focus on the hockey and art idea.”
kyliehommerding,graphicdesigner,artist,hockey,passion,blog,desertiris,culture,inspiration,collectivism,collab,art,kylie,proctor,smalltown,vibes,love,peace,light,creativitywhat are you most excited for?
“Recently I was awarded a research grant for my “Hockey Meets Art” idea where I will create three longboards out of repurposed hockey sticks which will be presented at my senior BFA exhibition. Receiving this grant is such a huge honor. I am excited to present not only the longboards, but a catalog of the shirt designs I have done for my company Hart. I am looking forward to graduating in December and completing my BFA in graphic design in the span of three and a half years.”
what inspires you?
“I am inspired by a lot of things and people who have had a huge impact on me creating art. I am inspired by my mom for teaching me and pushing me to be a better person. My mother is the one who gave me her artistic gene (thanks mom!) I am inspired by my dad who has been a role model for my work ethic in and out of school. I am inspired by my sister who has worked so hard to get to where she wanted to be. And I am inspired by my friends who continue to support me and push me to be a better friend and artist. Not only family and friends, but I am inspired by other people and their successes. Seeing others achieve their goals and following their passions makes me want to be a better person.”kyliehommerding,graphicdesigner,artist,hockey,passion,blog,desertiris,culture,inspiration,collectivism,collab,art,kylie,proctor,smalltown,vibes,love,peace,light,creativity

what legacy do you want to leave?
“In the future I hope to inspire others to follow their passions, dreams, and goals. If you were born to create and inspire do not hold back.”
what is most important to you?
“Always having a support system. I’ve never had to deal with my family and friends not supporting my artistic endeavors. They’ve actually encouraged me to pursue something with my art. I have also had a lot of help and support from other artists as well. One of my good friends Tatiana Alberg is a professional photographer who has been photographing many of my projects. Having Tatiana photograph my work and catching up is such a treat! Her work is exceptional and has exceeded all of my expectations and captures the essence of each project. It will always be important to me to stay in touch with my art community as well as the athletic community. These two things have brought so much joy into my life. I will continue to make art that speaks to my target audience and hope to inspire others along the way.”

artist statement
“When I lived in Michigan for a huge portion of my life I never honed into my creative side until I moved to Minnesota. It’s like something inside me was trapped and I needed a new beginning. That’s when I started to create art!
At first it seemed difficult to find my artistic niche. Looking at my recent drawings, paintings, 3D works, and graphic illustrations I have noticed a similar trend. I am a creator in which my ideas and concepts focus on the aesthetic form rather than a deep, emotional, and philosophical meaning.
My work tends to focus on different variations of line and how those lines work together to create an image. I am inspired by energetic colors and how they interact with my concepts. Choosing a harmonious color palette can sometimes be the most difficult decision in my artistic process. I focus by placing emphasis on the importance of color and how like and unlike colors effect the image and the viewers’ experience.
Drifting away from pencil and paper, I have formed an illustrative art style and have gained knowledge in certain applications while mainly working in Adobe Illustrator. In the process of learning new computer skills, I have molded a more professional style to my work by making designs that are clean, clear, and occasionally colorful. During my process of research throughout each project, whether it’s using pencil and paper or designing a new logomark, I always come across new ways to communicate an idea which leads me to a new project.”

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