a balanced BUZZ | CBD infused lavender cold brew

July 22, 2018


we spent our sunday morning crafting our own CBD infused coffee to fuel our day. i received this CBD from select at an event earlier this week and when i brought it home, brookklyn already had a recipe brewing in her head that suited it perfectly.



inspired by lavender lattes, we put our own twist on the trendy drink and used cold brew instead of espresso and added some CBD to the mix. having never used CBD in a recipe- we weren’t sure if the lavender flavor from select would be too much, but it actually balanced the intense taste of the cold brew quite well.



for those of you who aren’t entirely sure what CBD is, we can break it down real quick for ya.

CBD, also known as cannabidiol, holds the key to a wide variety of medicinal and therapeutic benefits that marijuana offers- but with zero toxicity to humans. what that means, is that CBD can help ease pain, calm anxiety, alleviate cancer related symptoms, treat insomnia, reduce inflammation, calm epilepsy all without making one feel intoxicated or “high”.

its non-psychoactive properties make it a great candidate for those seeking an alternative to prescriptions that won’t alter their mind.



another question i often get when people ask about CBD is, “but how do i know if its working?”

think of it as a vitamin. you don’t necessarily feel biotin making your hair, nails, and skin stronger- but you notice it down the road. CBD is a lot like a vitamin- you will not feel immediate physical effects, but your body will be thanking you in the long run.



& to be completely honest. . .  i’m not even a huge coffee fan. coffee usually makes me jittery, anxious, and upsets my stomach- especially cold brew. but for some reason this one tasted so good i felt myself wanting more. usually i’m forcing it down out of caffeine desperation, but this recipe actually made me feel good. remembering a blog post from van der pop that made an appearance in my email the other day, i dug through my inbox to see what they had to say about the connection between coffee + CBD.

“CBD is said to have numerous health benefits, including antioxidant boosts, pain-relief, anti-inflammatory properties, depression relief, and anti-bacterial properties. In relation to coffee, CBD has been shown to produce the effects of anxiety and stress relief; this means CBD can help balance out the occasional over-stimulating effects caused by too much caffeine, also known as the ‘jitters.’ So, the relationship we see between cannabis and coffee can be related back to our bodies trying to create, or return to, equilibrium.”



cold brew
we used the brand kona red from sprouts, we really liked the fact that it was vanilla flavored.
it made a big difference in the overall creamy flavor of the drink.
lavender CBD tincture
we used select’s lavender CBD blend- if you would like to purchase the same, you can buy it here.
if you have a different CBD tincture that you prefer, that will work too.
but i will say that the lavender flavor of this tincture, was on point and tamed down the strong
taste of the cold brew perfectly.
– almond milk
lavender & rosemary garnish
ice cubes

1. put ice cubes in 8 oz. glass(es)
2. add 2 oz. cold brew
3. add 6 oz. almond milk
4. drop in 1 mL of CBD
5. mix in a tablespoon of honey
6. garnish with herbs


spread inspiration,
the desert iris team


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