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clozee + meow wolf roadtrip recap

June 26, 2019

when my brother invited us to clozee‘s meow wolf debut, even though it was the week i got back from lightning in a bottle, i couldn’t say no. clozee is an artist i’ve been very drawn to for a few years now and i was so stoked to be able to see her perform at this world-renowned venue. i think this was my third time seeing her perform and i was just as excited as the first. also thrilled to see that one of my favorite producers, axel thesleff, was opening for her too. as if this wasn’t already a recipe for an incredible time, brookklyn and i hopped into the prius, with our new friend isla as the chaffeur, and took off with the gang for sante fe, new mexico.

we booked an airbnb for the night and were SO relieved to walk through its doors after a long 8 hour drive. of course isla picked the trippiest spot to stay, only a few short miles from the venue, so we could get the full meow wolf-esque experience. upon entering the gates of our humble abode for the night, we were greeted by an enthusiastic character named david. as you scroll through the photos of his airbnb, you’ll soon realize that only a very special type of person would be able to pull off – not only decorating this place, but facilitating it in the way david does. his character shines brightly in every conversation point he has to add as he weaves through the house to show you all of his unique little projects.

we quickly realized that we didn’t have much time before the show, and began to get ourselves together. we we’re only about a 10 minute car ride from the venue, so we arrived shortly and waited in line for the doors to open. when you walk inside meow wolf, there is a reception area where they check your tickets, bags, and coats. they do not allow bags inside the venue, but have the option to coat check all of your stuff for free at the entrance. there is also no drinks inside. you have the option to drink at the bar in the lobby or at the patio bar out back at any time. this definitely creates a more intentional environment while the artists are performing which we really appreciated. alcohol just wasn’t really the vibe anyways.

when you enter the exhibit there’s really no describing the experience of exploring what meow wolf has to offer. it’s one of those “you have to experience it for yourself” kind of things. all i have to say is make sure you take the time to seek out every corner, there’s tons of suprises and things to see and absorb. because we got there only about an hour before the show, we made the executive decision to visit meow wolf again the next day so we could fully enjoy clozee’s show, but also not miss out on anything in the museum.

axel opened up for clozee and blew me away. it’s always so cool to see someone you creatively admire over the internet IN REAL LIFE. the stage is kind of centered in the museum (i think? lol) with the ability to watch from above and from other rooms within the main corridor as well. we secured a spot at the front right of the stage, pretty early on in the show, and were able to hold it down and have enough space to dance our asses off. completely taken back by all the art, it was beyond stimulating to watch these artists perform in this space. there were a few moments we stepped upstairs to witness it from the balconies. and holy shizz i think it’s safe to say that there is absolutely no shortage of ambiance, stimulation, and curiosity to draw from this magical place.

when we returned the next day to scope it out properly, we booked our tickets online in advance here (cost $29). this is definitely essential to do, otherwise, you probably won’t be able to get in the day of. highly recommend planning ahead and saving some money by booking online. you won’t be surprised to find out how much time you can actually pass in there. it’s not totally out of scope to say that you could spend an entire day in the house of eternal return. it’s an easy place to get lost in- both physically and mentally. meow wolf will have you questioning the laws of gravity, your perception of creating, and you will most likely lose your sense of direction. a sacred place of expression that is not to go unrecognized. thank you meow wolf, clozee, axel thesleff, and all the crew for providing us a truly unforgettable experience that is sure to leave its imprint on our brand for years to come.

spread inspiration,
the desert iris team

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