brookklyn is leaving minnesota!

September 24, 2017

SPOILER ALERT: i have some life changing news that i’m eager to share with the world-  I AM MOVING! it still hasn’t set in that i am moving across the country with my boyfriend in just 2 short weeks. my dream of moving to a warmer climate is finally becoming a reality. 12 days is when this dream becomes real and it still feels so surreal. this may come as a shock to some, and it might seem spontaneous- but my boyfriend and i have had an itch to move for YEARS!  however, we never really took it seriously. we have always joked about moving away from the cold, so when the opportunity presented itself we took the leap! it all came together when we found an adorable apartment in central phoenix (where we will be paying a fraction of what we pay for rent here in minneapolis- SCORE.)  and i will finally have the office space i have always wanted; a space that i will feel great about bringing clients to. but i think the craziest part for me is that we will have a POOL. growing up in small-town, northern minnesota, i never thought i’d be able to make this happen.  this opportunity was quickly thrown our way and after we talked over the details, we came to the conclusion that it would be foolish not to make this move. we are young, eager, and motivated to make this our time to shine. the universe has definitely shown us that if you work hard, do what you love, and always strive to be your best version- you can make anything happen.



sidenote: if you are one of my clients don’t freak out! me moving has nothing to do with my dedication to you and your wedding. capturing your wedding day to the best of my ability is my top priority. i will just be working with you from my sunny office in phoenix, arizona.

don’t worry, i’ve got your back.



i can’t wait to explore my new home and embark on this next chapter in my life. i’ll also being sharing it all with you. another huge reason phoenix felt right for us is due to this blog.  i will now be just a few hundred feet away from hannah, in the apartment around the corner, making it easier for us to implement our ideas together as a team. we have so many things coming your way. now that hannah & i can officially work together, be prepared for all the posts of us brainstorming in our flip flops by the pool, me acting as an interior designer as i furnish my new place, new lifestyle updates, organization tricks, and loads and loads of photos of this beautiful new place i get to call home.

let the journey begin.


stay creating,


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